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Every living body on this Earth is on a Journey. Whether it be a journey of self discovery, a journey to heal, a journey to success, or even just the journey of life, we are all striving for something. Welcome to my Journey, the journey of seeing what God wants for me and my life, and all the wonderful blessings and lessons He allows me to experience. I hope that this will help someone out there realize that they are are their own journey as well, and that God wants to be the Guide. Who could possibly be a better guide than the Loving God who created us?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank You

Thank You. Two little words, that we casually spit out all day. We say it sometimes out of habit, sometimes out of sincere gratitude, and sometimes because we simply cannot think of anything else to say to someone. Have you ever considered however, how much of an impact those two minute words can have in a person's life, when used properly?

A couple weeks ago I found myself in a very stressful place in my life, I was adjusting to new changes, and just learning to deal with the different twists and turns that life throws at us, when all of a sudden I got a much needed text from an old friend. It was simple, and sweet " thanks for being who you are, hope you have a good day, love you". That's it. That's all it took for a smile to spread across my face, and for my spirit to be lifted. It's incredible the magnanimous power that such a simple sentiment carries. I mean we've all heard the sayings right? " be thankful for what you have", " be content with what you've been given, there are people all around the world that have less than you", we even have a holiday completely devoted to giving thanks and being grateful for what we have in our lives, but are we really as thankful as we should be? Do we thank God for all of the blessings He places in our lives? I'm not talking about just " oh Jesus thank you for holding back the rain until I got home", or " thank You Lord for continuing to provide me with life, a job, a house and Your Grace" blessings ( though we should definitely be thankful for all those things), but the blessings I'm focusing on specifically are the people God places in your life everyday. Think about how lucky we are to have people around us that care about us so much! Friends that will drop whatever it is they're doing to help you, friends that will clear things up if you're confused, or encourage you if you have an extremely apocalyptic day. The type of people that you just stand in awe at because they come through for you time after time. Do we show our appreciation? I mean REALLY show it? Or do we simply start taking it for granted after a while? Do we just expect them to be like that, because it's how they've acted before? Reality check, we don't deserve anything. Nobody on this planet owes us anything. When people encourage you, and are there for you it's because they choose to be there for you, not because some one is forcing them too, but simply because they love you that much.

They do it because God has given them a special love for you, a special desire to help you out when you hit those rough patches, and enjoy the ride with you when it's smooth sailing. Think about all the people God has blessed you with, all the friends, all the families, all the co-workers ( yes, even CO-workers are used by God to shape you, and mold you), just literally take a minute or two to think about them. Think about their faces, their hearts, thinking about all the times they've helped you simply because they care that much. Blows your mind doesn't it? Give thanks for them, thank God for loving us so much that He choses to bless uus in so many wonderful and mysterious ways. Give thanks for the people around you, even if they drive you crazy, they're being used by God too. They'll help you attain patience, and understanding, compassion, and maybe even teach you a little about yourself. I know I am so grateful for the people God's placed in my life, My parents,Raquel, Jasmine, Chris,Tatty, Kimberley, Pinito, Tito, Dasha, Andrew,Bianca, Rudy, Lisa,Michi, Tommy, Matt, Michael, Danny, Kevin, Cris, Michael, Joey, Eli, Izzy, Willie. Sam, Samm, Sizzy, Jorge, Clari, Aimee, Jose, Belkis, Becca, Corinne, Gracie, Grace, Luki, Josie, Kayla, and so many others. People who God has placed in my life to teach me, to mold me , to teach me patience, understanding compassion, LOVE. While I'm no where near perfect in any of those areas, I am grateful for everyone, and anyone who's ever been a part of my learning processs. I am grateful, and in shock at all the love God has chosen to bless me with, and in all the different forms through out my life that, that love can be found. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, soul, and shoes. for everything all of you have done for me. For my like readers, all four of you! =D Thank you for taking the time to read what I write, and to listen to what I have to say. Thank You for attempting to follow my thinking pattern, and my brain. I thank God everyday, for every single one of you.

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