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Every living body on this Earth is on a Journey. Whether it be a journey of self discovery, a journey to heal, a journey to success, or even just the journey of life, we are all striving for something. Welcome to my Journey, the journey of seeing what God wants for me and my life, and all the wonderful blessings and lessons He allows me to experience. I hope that this will help someone out there realize that they are are their own journey as well, and that God wants to be the Guide. Who could possibly be a better guide than the Loving God who created us?


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Growth (noun)-the act or process, or a manner of growing; development; gradual increase.

Today marks a very important birthday for me, not mine own, but a very good friends ( Happy Birthday Tattyana!!!). As I sat down to write her birthday card I had a sort of epiphany. Thinking back at what the last year has been like for me, and those around me is crazy! All of my mistakes, and trust me there were plenty, all of my triumphs, all of my decisions, all of the mile-stones that I seem to have hit, but didn't even notice, all punched me straight in the face. All of the new faces I met, some of the friends I lost, it's truly awe inspiring how much can happen in just a single, tiny year. If I were to compare the Monica of last summer, to the Monica before you today... well lets just say I'm happy to say there's some improvement( at least I think).

This improvement, completely amazing in it's own right, came from a place even more astounding, Jesus Christ. It's incredible what He can do with a life that's willing to be used. I'm not saying that I wasn't disgustingly hard headed sometimes, there were a couple times there that were just not some of my most graceful periods, but hey I'm human and I'm trying really hard to be a person that learns from their mistakes. I have to admit that it gives me great comfort to know that God is with us through all our steps, all our mile-stones, all our failures, and all our victories. One of my favorite poems is "footprints in the sand" by Mary Stevenson. Yes it may seem to some to be the ultimate Christian Cliche, but to someone who knows the Truth, and knows the significance of the poem, it is a very powerful work of literature.

We can make the biggest mistakes, stick our foot in our mouths innumerable amounts of time, be just plain ignorant, and it still doesn't matter to God. We are His, and He'll never force us to do anything we don't want to. He wants to see us happy, and in His will, but won't force that. He'll simply wait with open arms until we decide to turn back( and we should always turn back, well actually we should never leave in the first place because that's just plain dumb but you get the point I'm trying to make). It doesn't matter what we might be doing, or might have done, He is always there, and will always be there. Turn to Him, let Him be your Guide, trust me, He'll never lead you in the wrong direction.

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