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Monday, August 2, 2010

Submitting to Submission

So I had a very interesting afternoon yesterday, an afternoon full of confessions, catching up, lessons, family,embarrassment, and fun...a lot of fun. I stand amazed everyday on how God works. He's a God of Surprises ( always good), but surprises none the less. I don't think I'll ever get used to the way everything just seems to work out, when you let Him be in control.

Yesterday as we sat in a very beautiful kitchen talking with a very wise woman, the topic of submission came up. The funny thing is that the subject seems to be following me everywhere (I'm guessing God wants me to take a hint). The more we talked about submission, and how to accurately portray it, the more I found myself wondering what exactly my thoughts on submission were. I'd like to consider my self the closest thing to a feminist that a non- feminist can be, I take pride in my gender, and the strength we carry, but I don't delude myself into thinking we are better than men, nor do I undermine the power that a man can hold. God has chosen man to take on that "head of the household" position, we can speculate, and come up with theories as to why this is, but the bottom line is that no one knows , that's just how it is. As women we are called to submit to our fathers, and then to our husbands. We might not always like it, or think it's fair, but the rule is there none the less...and it's one of the hardest ( for me anyways) to follow.

When I hear the word submission I get a little scared. The word reminds me of someone surrendering their voice ,their freedom, it creates a picture in my head of a second class citizen who isn't respected, and who's opinion isn't valid. It terrifies me. My opinion is definitely worth something!There is nothing that I hate more than someone not viewing my opinion as valid because of my age, or gender( you'd be surprised how ignorant people can be! -_-), so when I hear the word submission I automatically go into defensive/panic mode. My thoughts turn very strong very fast.If there is one thing on this planet( take into consideration that I count God's love and mercy for us, to be in the" not on this planet" category) that I cherish most of all it's my ability to vocalize my opinions, and ideas. I have many times found myself questioning if I could give that up, even for my future husband.

However the more I listened to the women around me, the more I realized how wrong my, and many other women's opinions really were. Submission isn't simply becoming a doormat,or a slave,there's a reason why Eve was taken from Adam's side, and not his foot. Submission is a sign of respect, it is also a condition of the heart. God calls me to submit to my husband, just as I am to submit to Him. God wants me to respect my husbands decisions and choices, and with a loving heart too. I'm pretty sure God knows what He's doing, He wouldn't devalue His Precious little girls in any way shape or form, He love us way too much. So why would He command us to do something whose results would cause us to be treated as anything other than what He views us to be? He wouldn't.

Men, and Women are called to be equals ( 1 corinthians11:11-12) we just have different roles to play in the relationship, neither is better or worse than the other, both are riddled with flaws, but are redeemed by a loving God, a smart God, a God who sees the bigger picture, and understands what He's doing, and why He made things the way He did.

I can't say exactly why it is we need to submit, I don't have an answer for that, truth is I might never have it. What I do know however is that God has called me to do so, and that's good enough for me. I trust Him, and will try my best to do what He asks me to. I can't say that the thought of submission still doesn't make me a little uneasy, but I have a new understanding, and perspective on it. It doesn't scare me any more because I realize God would never command me to do something that would take away my value, if anything His commandments and orders are there to add to my value, a value that I never would have in the first place if it wasn't for Him, and His love.


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  3. Well Monica that was a profound thought about submission. It underscores the challenges in obeying God in this regard. It challenging fully submitting to a perfect and loving God how much more submitting a man who is imperfect and sometimes selfish. These are my thoughts on submission.

    The mystery about submission is that a woman who successfully plays the role ends up controlling the man. I am telling you the truth. Respect and submission is the key to the man’ heart. Women tend to think its beauty. No a woman’s beauty does not make other women ugly. A woman’s beauty stimulates his minds, but his heart is what God wants you to have. When a woman wins a man’s heart she becomes his definition of womanhood.

    Furthermore, though the man is given position and authority in male female relationships, the narrative of the fall and so many things in male female relationship reveal one mystery; The woman is given is superiority of influence in male female relationships.

    Meaning the woman actually is given the power to influence man’s exercise of his choice and power and authority. You may see my blog on male female relationships who does the winning.



    The truth is there is difference between submission and obeying. The woman is not asked to obey her husband but to submit. Meaning the woman is the one who in understanding of her dignity, purpose power and God’s creation willingly chooses to submit her right or whatever to the man who is clearly her equal rather than a superior in pursuit of a high divine purpose.

    On the other hand if the woman was asked to obey she has no choice because it means the man is higher in rank to her.

    God will not ask you to do what He has not already done for you. Imagine Jesus as high as He is submitted himself to the rule of man even when men were unjust to him, he submitted. He could have used His power to destroy man He submitted. Well I hardly think you can fight a man, lets say you where super woman and could beat up your husband will you still submit?

    He washed the disciple’s feet. You see Christ understood the plan of God and His place in it, submitting does not remove who God made him to be. It actually positions Him to fulfill his destiny and receive God’s reward, position and honor, rather than fighting for and empty position.

    I see submission in God’s plan as a script much like Hollywood script where sometimes one is asked to play a subservient role in a movie. In the end you get rewarded for playing your role well. In God’s script you are to play role, you are not really submitting to man but to God.


  4. http://mysteriesofyourgender.blogspot.com/2010/08/gods-nature-and-power-revealed-in.html